About Francesco Parrino

Francesco Parrino is a young Italian pianist, singer, composer and arranger who loves writing piano scores only by ear. He is gifted with absolute pitch (aka perfect pitch) and music is his greatest passion. He began to play the piano at the age of 4. After years of classical formal training at the local conservatory‘s music school, private lessons and a self-taught period, he started his career with his first amateur album “Night Planet”, which features 10 original compositions. He opened his Youtube channel in June 2011.

He enjoys listening to songs, catching every single note and detail and then creating a new arrangement for it. He often writes down the score to help many other people play the songs they love. On his Youtube channel you will find tens of videos featuring Francesco playing a variety of piano adaptations from radio to music sountracks and few of his own compositions. On this website, you probably guessed it, you can download most of his scores!

Francesco also plays the piano and sings with “Earthist”, a developing band from Italy. Earthist’s debut album “Lightward” was released worldwide via Epictronic/Plastic Head Distribution LTD at the beginning of 2015. Nevertheless, he continues his piano solo activity autonomously.

From November 2016 to February 2017, Francesco was a contestant on the 16th Season of the Italian TV / Talent Show “Amici di Maria de Filippi“, in the “Singer” category. He is also a third-year university student in Physiotherapy.

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About Francesco

I started when I was four years old. Check my media section, there are few very old pictures! I used to arrange songs I’d listen while travelling with my parents, then I started my classical piano training when I was about 7 years old.

Yes, I am a physiotherapy student at my local university. However, I work as a pianist!

Your Music

I usually listen to a song, then I prepare the piano arrangement just made by ear. When I am happy with the arrangement I make the transcription at the PC using the music theory knowledge I learnt at the music school. So I write them all by myself, using a specific notation software.

Only three years. I didn’t enjoy the local music school that much.

I get a lot of requests for tutorials. To create a proper one, though, I’d need different equipment, such as a new tripod (to put the camera above my head), a microphone and a different PC interface. At the moment I have no time to do tutorials. However, I provide sheet music for most of my covers, therefore you can learn my arrangements using those. I know, it might take a while but… guess what? Learning a song from the score takes as much time as watching a tutorial over and over again!

Your Piano

It’s a 20-years old Technics SX-PX 554. It is now discontinued but it’s still a great piano. Rather heavy and bulky but very stable and with a touch response and a key action that are still better than many modern models.

The piano is connected to a PC via a MIDI cable. In this way the piano acts just like a MIDI Controller. The PC runs Kontakt 5 and a Piano Virtual Instrument (a VSTi) that has been customized to sound like a Bosendorfer 290 Imperial. The software provides me with unlimited possibilities and sound options, as well as a virtually unlimited polyphony. I keep working on the sound to improve it at each recording. Also the synth sounds (e.g. the strings you hear in my version of Chevaliers de Sangreal) are generated by the same software.

My videos are really simple because of time and budget constraints. The sound generated by the computer is captured by the Canon camera that records the video… and that’s it! I hope I will be able to improve the videos and get better equipment, though. If you wish to support me, please consider making a donation!

Can I Hire You?

Yes of course I am! Just contact me so that we can discuss all the options. I am available for functions, weddings, or any situation where my extensive repertoire can be suitable. I have my own equipment and a stage piano I can easily transport. I mostly work in Italy but if you have other ideas, let me know.

Yes you can. Writing a score from scratch requires a lot of time, but if you provide me with an audio file / video I will be able to prepare an arrangement and a score for you. Contact me to discuss about the different options!

Why not? Get in touch with me!